Surrounded By Newness…and Many Blessings!


IMG_02291-300x225I apologize for the delay, but for those who have not heard via email, Facebook, What’sApp, Skype or any other wonderful means of communication. Chris and I arrived safely in Thailand with quite a smooth journey. After spending Tuesday night in L.A. and time with an old friend, we took off for Chiang Mai via Seoul. Project VIDEO staff, Jasmine and Thomas, met us in the airport despite our late arrival (around 11pm). For the very first time we were able to see the PV truck that Lutheran Church of the Risen Savior helped to purchase this past year. What a blessing! It is a black, Chevrolet “Colorado” truck with 4 doors and a full cab. After some minor maintenance, it runs quite well. In fact, we have already rode quite some hours in it through the Thai mountains up near the Burma border.

I cannot believe that we have been in Thailand for less than two weeks. Jet lag, meeting new people, and being emerged in a completely foreign place is quite exhausting. So much has happened, so it seems as though at least a month has passed. I sincerely wish that I could just record my thoughts and experiences as they occur. It seems like by the time I sit down at my laptop, I am at loss of recounting everything. However, I will do my best to capture the essence. PLEASE EXCUSE THE LENGTH. FEEL FREE TO SKIM!