September 15, 2014

Akha Outreach Media

Who Are The Akha

The Akha people were originally an autonomous nation located in Mongolia. Over the centuries, various political and economic distresses have driven them southward into five different countries: China, Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.

Though no formal census has been taken, there are an estimated two million Akha in these five nations. Approximately 70,000 Akha call Thailand home, and most live in the mountainous northern province of Chiang Rai. The Akha have a beautiful and complex culture with scores of legends, customs and rituals traditionally passed down from father to son. Genealogy is very important to the Akha, and most men can recite it back for seventy generations.

Who is Ahka Outreach Media?

Akha-Outreach-Media-with-text-600x600-150x150Akha Outreach Foundation, founded in 2001 by Dr. Aje Yaebyangu and his wife, Nancy, is strategically located among the mountains of Northern Thailand. Our focus is to glorify God through reaching out to all the Akha with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. We also have a strong focus on raising up Akha Christian leaders for the generations to come.

Incorporating media production and distribution into ministry has been part of Dr. Aje’s vision for many years, but was not formally realized until 2011 when the studio at Akha Outreach Media was launched in association with Project Video.

Akha Outreach Media is dedicated to equip Akha leaders, families, and communities with media resources that promote relational growth with God and with one another.

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