September 16, 2014

Karen Chrestos Media

Who Are The Karen?

The Karen people came from Mongolia to Burma in antiquity via the Gobi Desert. Coming to inhabit the southeastern mountains of Burma on the Thailand border, they now number more than 7,000,000 people. In the 1770s, the Karen people were invited by the king of Thailand to inhabit its western border to serve as a buffer against Burmese invasion. These Thai Karen now number 600,000 people.

The Karen ancient script is similar to Hebrew and their name for God is Yowah, quite similar to the Hebrew Yahweh. Ancient tradition tells them that they once had the book of God, but it was lost. One day It would be restored by a white man. Adoniram Judson, the pioneer American Missionary to Burma, Karen had a servant called Ko Tha Byu. Judson taught him to read. When he read the translated Scriptures, Ko Tha Byu realized that this was the book of God that the Karen were waiting for. He led thousands to The Lord and the Gospel spread to the Karen and to many other ethnic groups in Burma. The majority of these early converts were Baptists like Judson and Ko Tha Byu.

Who is Chrestos Mission?


Field Director – Geoffrey & Pat A.

admin-ajaxChrestos Mission is a fellowship of Christians seeking to proclaim Christ, and show His kindness through Media Center that produces Christian films, recordings, and radio programs Bible School that trains local Christians for evangelism and pastoral work

Chrestos Studio started by providing illiterate villagers, who had received Christ, with CDs of Bible readings, sermons and hymns. Since partnering with Project Video it has dubbed in the Karen language, the Visual Bible productions of Matthew, John, and Acts, and six films in The God Provides series produced by CFM.