Crossbow Media

Language: Karenni (Kayah)

Population Statistics: 212,000

Partner: Ebenezer Baptist Bible School

Location: Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Field Director: Htoo Lar Paw

Studio Staff: Eh Day, Eh Ni Htoo, Shwema, Eh Di, Sue Reh

The Karenni Bible School has been running in Mae Hong Son Province of Thailand for over 4 years now. They were involved in the translation of the Bible into the Karenni language. Now they are partnering with Project Video to produce Gospel movies in their own language. The Karenni team was so enthralled at the idea of making movies that they dubbed the Gospel of Matthew before they even officially partnered and received all their equipment in October 2014. They rapidly progressed to original productions with a reenactment of the book of Nehemiah. Recently they have created one of the first Karenni worship albums and filmed a movie about a trafficked Karenni girl who finds redemption.

Crossbow Media is linked with Chrestos Media and will be mentored by them.

Karenni People Profile

The Karenni live mostly in the Kayah State of Myanmar and throughout Northern Thailand. Known as the “Red Karen”, there are numerous sub groups that make up the Karenni. They originated from Mongolia, eventually migrating to the Kayah State in Myanmar.They currently live in the Kayah State as well as throughout Northern Thailand.

Today, the Karenni are mostly Christian, converting when western missionaries came to the area beginning in the 19th century. The most known of the Karenni sub-groups is the Kayan, the long neck women who wear brass collars around their necks to give the appearance of them being stretched.