Gospel Vision Ministry

Language: Lisu (primary), Mru, Rawang, Jingphaw, Kachin, Pa’O, Zaiwa, and more.

Population Statistics: 1,294,900

Partner: North Burma Christian Mission

Location: Myanmar, China, India

Field Director: Bobby Morse

Studio Staff: Ngwa Yese, Pastor Stephen, Salidew

Bobby Morse was born in a Lisu village in Myanmar and speaks Lisu as a first language. The Morse family made significant contributions to the spread of Christianity and the development of the Lisu tribe. When their family was forced to leave Myanmar, they shifted their base of operations to Thailand. Bobby and Tassanee Morse have been missionaries with North Burma Christian Mission since 1976. The Tribal Children’s Hostel that they founded in 1980 has continuously provided educational opportunities to thousands of tribal children by providing care, housing, food, transportation, healthcare and spiritual teaching.

In 2008, Bobby met Don Leonard and together visioned the video ministry that is now Project VIDEO. This multi-ethnic partnership is one of PV’s furthest reaching with multiple language groups and satellite studios. These studios have focused primarily on dubbing. On a recent outreach Ngwa Yese personally saw people transformed as God’s Word was brought to life.
Besides traveling for film showings, thousands of GVM productions are taken up and sold by black market DVD vendors.


Lisu People Profile

Traditionally the Lisu locate their villages high in the mountains. With a turbulent history of uncertain relationships with the dominant governments, their tribe has migrated from the Yunnan province of China, into Myanmar and then into Thailand or India. There are three main subtribes or dialects of the Lisu including the northern (Lowu), the central (Sheshe) and the southern (Lushi) Lisu.  While the majority of the Lisu are animists, approximately 450,000 of them have become Christians.  Of these Lisu Christians, approximately 250,000 live in China, 150,000 live in Burma, 15,000 in Thailand and 7,000 in India. Missionaries helped to create their written language. The Lisu also love singing.