September 16, 2014

Hmong Project Video

Who Are The Hmong?


The Hmong are one of the largest minority groups in Southeast Asia, with population estimates anywhere from 7 million to 15 million. More than 260,000 live in America, beginning their emigration in 1975 from refugee camps in Thailand.

Little is known about the ancient history of the Hmong people. Origins are believed to be from the southeastern part of China, where they lived for 2,000 years, maybe longer. They lived as the Miao tribe previously. During the 18th century, when tensions arose between the Hmong and China, they broke away from the Miao and migrated to Southeast Asia, where they reside today.

hmongpvlogo1Project Video partnered with the Asian-Hmong Bible School (AHBS) to develop the Hmong Project Video as a two sited ethnic team, with one producer in Chiangmai and a studio being built in Udon Thani within the first Hmong Bible College in the world.


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