Hmong Project Video

Language: Hmong

Population Statistics: 11 Million 

Partner: Asia Hmong Bible School

Location: Udon Thani, Thailand

Field Director: Prateep Wangjariyatam

Hmong Project VIDEO (HPV) began in 2012 working out of the studio manager’s home in Chiang Mai. It quickly became apparent that the ministry would be more effective in Udon Thani in Eastern Thailand where Pastor Isara had a long-time vision to develop the first Hmong Seminary. Because of its strategic location, the seminary would focus on training Hmong pastors and lay leaders from limited access countries of China, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Though construction is not yet complete, training of seminary students has already begun. The second story of school’s main building will soon be the permanent home of the HPV studio. Though production has been slow in the past years, the HPV team looks forward to having access to the tool of media at their seminary. Once up and running, hopefully by early 2018, it will be an effective tool, especially for the students returning to more closed countries.

Hmong People Profile

The Hmong are originally from a people group in China known as the Miao. The Hmong migrated south, settling into Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand. Hmong clans are often named after the main color of their traditional dress, e.g. White Hmong.

During the Secret War in Laos, many Hmong were recruited by the Americans to fight alongside. After the Vietnam war, the Hmong had to flee as refugees, with some going into refugee camps in Thailand and many eventually resettling in the US.