Ibaloi Ambassadors Video Ministry

Language: Ibaloi & Ilocano

Population Statistics: 191,000 

Partner: Loacan Community Fundamentalist Baptist Church

Location: Loacan, Philippines

Field Director: Pastor Alvarez Guzman

Studio Staff: Fabian Simon, Arvin Simon, Benjamin Cipriano, Jared Anapen

Before partnering with the IAVM in June 2017, PV knew this young team was passionate about sharing the gospel through video. In 2016 alone, the team travelled to over 100 surrounding rural villages show films, sing songs and preach the gospel. Though they had already produced some ministry videos, their supply of new productions could not keep up with their outreaches. The close relationship with St. John’s Lutheran Church of Howard Lake, MN led to the sponsoring of equipment and the outfitting of a studio in their local church. They are currently drafting a script to film their first original production with the newly delivered equipment.

Ibaloi People Profile

The Ibaloi are one of the indigenous tribes that live in the Cordillera region above Manila, Philippines. Cultivating rice terraces is one of their main agricultural practices. Recently many have gone to work in the gold mines as well. Traditionally they believed in ancestor worship and would smoke the bodies of their deceased to mummify it. Communities are governed by elders and there was a distinct difference between the rich and the poor.

Ibaloi women are known for strength as they carry heavy baskets  from a young age. During the second world war, women as well as men portered for the US soldiers. One account says that they also volunteered to fight, and when the Japanese fired on them, the Ibaloi men ran but the women stayed firm.