September 15, 2014

Gospel Vision Ministry Myanmar

Who Are The Lisu?

lisulady-232x300The Lisu people live in China, Burma, Thailand and India and have a combined population of approximately 1,300,000 people.  There are three main subtribes or dialects of the Lisu including the northern (Lowu), the central (Sheshe) and the southern (Lushi) Lisu.  While the majority of the Lisu are animists, approximately 450,000 of them have become Christians.  Of these Lisu Christians, approximately 250,000 live in China, 150,000 live in Burma, 15,000 in Thailand and 7,000 in India.

Who is Gospel Vision Ministry Myanmar?



Bobby M.



Robert and Tassanee Morse have been missionaries with North Burma Christian Mission since 1976. The Tribal Children’s Hostel that they founded 36 years ago has continuously provided educational opportunities to thousands of tribal children by providing care, housing, food, transportation, healthcare and spiritual teaching. Many have gone on to higher education after finishing high school. Many have also returned to  their communities to serve as teachers, agriculturalists, pastors, evangelists, and some as managers of similar tribal children’s homes throughout northern Thailand.

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