Lahu Project Video

Language: Lahu

Population Statistics: 596,000 

Partner: Thai-Lahu Baptist Convention

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Field Director: Kitichai Soponuamnuay (Interim)

In partnership with Project Video, the Thailand Lahu Baptist Convention was able to dedicate their new Lahu production center to the glory of God in Chiang Mai, Thailand on March 2012.

LPV has seen great fruit from their initial dubbings of the Gospel videos and have branched out into children’s ministry videos (Superbook) and choir recordings.
Currently, they are needing to recruit new staff as their long term producer, Niran, has completed
his theology degree and is wanting to move into a bible teaching position.

Lahu People Profile

The Lahu people originally migrated to northern Thailand from the southwestern region of Yunnan Province in China. Others now reside in Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. There are approximately one million Lahu speaking people in the world today – with 2,000 living in the United States.

The Lahu are known for their skill in hunting, which gives them the name ‘Musser’ in Thailand. They distinguish their sub-clans according to color of their dress- Red Lahu, Black Lahu, Yellow Lahu and White Lahu. Traditional Lahu religion is highly animistic and involves sacrifices.