Northern Luzon Video Ministry

Language: Ayangan and other Ifugao languages

Population Statistics: 13,000 

Partner: Association of Ifugao Bible Churches

Location: Sanafe, Philippines

Field Director: Anita Laya

Studio Staff: Delores Punghan, Ardo Punghan, Daniel Ngitz, David Punghan

This partnership began in 2013. It is significant for many reasons, but mainly because it was the first PV partnership in the Philippines, where founder Don Leonard first pioneered vernacular video. Anita Laya is a veteran SIL mother tongue translator who helped to translate the Bible into Ayangan language. The studio staff travel significant distances to volunteer with productions. The NLVM team has dubbed several Gospel video and more recently completed their first original short film. Evangelists hike for days carrying projectors, speakers, and diesel generators to show gospel films.

Project Video has helped to develop a fish farm as a project to sustain the ministry.

#39 NLVM Cameras

$10,000. Click to find out more!

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Instructions For Offline Giving

To send in a check, please make it out to ‘Project Video Inc.’ and post it to:

Project Video, Inc.
PO Box 241221
St Paul, MN 55124

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Ifugao People Profile

The Northern Luzon area consists of mountainous terrain holding many small language groups. The Ayangan are one of the Ifugao languages. To the lowlanders they may be called the Igorot. Most of the Ifugao are subsistence farmers who survive by building rice terraces on the mountainsides, of which the Banaue Rice Terraces are the most famous. Traditionally they worship many deities, particularly ancestral spirits, and sacrifice to them. Family is extremely important to the Ifugao with kinship being the center of their social organization. A common parting gift for guests is a ceremonial broom.