Bethlehem Media

Language: Karen Pwo

Population Statistics: 1,455,000

Partner: Thai Karen Baptist Convention – Bethlehem division

Location: Sob Moei, Thailand

Field Director: Ajarn Suwit Siribuntrak

Studio Staff: Tak

Since PV first partnered with Bethlehem Media in 2015, their team has seen much fruit. Local churches have taken up special offerings to buy MP3 players to distribute recordings to new believers, especially the elderly. Despite persecution in their village, the Pwo Karen have witnessed an influx of families coming to Christ. Ajarn Suwit says that their partnership with PV as an answer to a long-time prayer and a reminder that the world has not forgotten his people. The Chrestos Media Team will help the Bethlehem Media Team produce their first original film this year.


Pwo Karen People Profile

The Pwo Karen are a sub-group of the Karen tribe. They are the next largest language group after the S’gaw Karen, so they are referred to as the ‘Mother’ language by the Karen. The Pwo Karen are majority Buddhists and animists with a great fear of spirits. They believe that there are 33 good spirit living within their bodies and these must be cared for or else they will get sick. There are also bad spirits around that need to be appeased with sacrifices.

Traditional houses are built on stilts out of wood or bamboo. Recently as the Pwo Karen become more prosperous, there are houses appearing made of concrete and corrugated iron.

The Pwo Karen are mostly in Myanmar bu there are around 100,000 in Thailand.