March 17, 2015

Service Volunteers

What does it mean to be a Service Volunteer?

Don Leonard, the founder of PV, is fond of saying, “If you invest in the stock market, you want to know after a year or two if you’ve made any money.”

The same is true when a congregation invests in a PV package to proclaim the gospel through video in Asia. The “dividend” for this kind of investment is what PV calls a Service Volunteer (SV). He or she is a volunteer that the congregation recruits and sends on a two-week trip to Asia. On a PV trip SV’s hand-deliver video equipment, dedicate new studios, meet the ethnic evangelists whom they are helping through their package, and attend a film showing. At the film showings they also experience first- hand how vernacular videos are a powerful way to proclaim the Gospel especially among predominately illiterate and oral societies . Upon returning to the United States PV provides all SV’s with a brief report video that captures the highlights of their trip. In many cases, this feedback, along with the personal testimony of the service volunteer, inspires someone else in the congregation to go on a subsequent PV trip.

How to become a Service Volunteer

Project Video is always on the look out for future Service Volunteers (SV). A SV represents the church or group that funded a package and travels to visit the ethnic team that has been the beneficiary of it. In their time with the tribe they are exposed to an in-depth view of the culture and context of the work of Project Video, and hopefully return with a greater understanding of how their partnership has contributed to missions. A video report of their service trip will be made and they are then responsible for representing Project Video and reporting back to their church on their investment. A service trip is usually of around 1-2 week duration. Each trip is unique.

If you are interested in becoming a Service Volunteer, fill out one of our online applications by clicking here, and send all necessary documents to One of our amazing staff members will reply to you in a timely manner. Blessings!

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  • Hi,

    My name is Christopher. I live in Dehradun in the North India state of Uttarakhand. I am getting into videography and I received training from a former CBN producer.

    I am putting together gear and plan on producing testimonies of the Gharwhali, Tibetan, Ladhaki, Nepali people who have experienced a life changing encounter with Christ. I am interested to develop broadcast quality video content to share the Gospel in the local languages, and also work in production field to support my ministry.

    I am learning, but if you would like my help in the North India area I am willing to volunteer to assist in any way the Lord enables me.

    Christopher A. Roberts

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