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The Immersion

Next one starts June 2019

The Immersion is a one year internship that provides an authentic experience of living out missions and investing in local ministries. Do you want to live out your faith? Know that you’re called to a life less ordinary? Want to experience God moving among the nations? Have you been considering missions but don’t know where to start? Do you have a heart for Asia? Do you have media skills and you’ve been wondering how to use them for God’s Kingdom? If you’ve said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re a great candidate for The Immersion. Only 4 places are available, so get in quick because applications are open now.

Language & Culture

Stretch beyond your comfort zone. Learn the local language. Immerse yourself in the daily life of this culture. Make friends, learn how to get around, how to behave appropriately and how to reach out to people from a Buddhist world view.

Serve on the field

Spend time on the field with one of our ethnic teams, participating in their ministry. Be prepared to share your skills, whether it’s English teaching, media training, music and worship leading, working with children, doing outreaches and more.

Real Community

You will be learning, eating, travelling and living out this adventure with your team. Sometimes in the villages you will be sleeping in a room with at at least 8 other people. Your bathing in the river may be communal. At PV HQ you’ll be in a shared house. It’s challenging for our individualistic Western cultures, but this is how most of the unreached world lives and this is where real discipleship happens.

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