September 15, 2014

What is Project Video?

Project Video

Project Video assists in developing video production centers in Asia that target specific language groups. It’s current production centers now target people groups such as Lisu, Karen, Hmong, Northern Luzon, and Pa-O groups. This totals more than 20 million people.


How Project Video was Developed


Don & Pam Leonard have been missionaries for more than 30 years. Ordained as a Lutheran pastor in 1975, the Leonard’s served for 20 years in the Philippines, where they pioneered the use of vernacular videos in dozens of language programs. “Proclaiming the gospel through video” became their passion. It’s also the goal of the major media initiative, they now spearhead in Asia called Project VIDEO. The goal of Project VIDEO is to equip and train local evangelists to make and distribute Christian videos in their respective languages that concurrently promote the use of the translated scriptures. The strategy used in Project VIDEO is known as “God’s Two Carabao.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a movement of ethnic, gospel media centercarabaos developed throughout Asia. Over the years, with the expansion of the Project Video production centers, it became apparent that there was a great need for training for the local producers, as well as a permanent presence in Asia to support the increasing number of production centers through field coordination.

In 2012 a full time Asian field coordination presence was established in Chiangmai, Thailand to provide on the job training to the teams as well as liaise between the Mission and the Ministry Carabao.

In 2013 Project Video set up a long term Field Coordination office that currently has 5 staff and a flow of interns. Staff oversee training, equipment, finances, hosting Service Volunteers and more.

Check out our “Good Idea Video”